Concerned about your bulging belly or thighs but also about your thinning bank account? The answer for you may be to create a home gym. There are some reasons why this can be beneficial particularly as days get shorter, and the weather gets worse and enthusiasm to get out of the home plummets.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • erdfcgvbhNo expensive monthly subscription fees to pay for a gym you probably attend less than you promised yourself you would.
  • No travel to and from your gym because it’s in your home!
  • ┬áNo opening hours to worry about, you can work-out whatever time you like.
  • More time as you don’t have to wait or change your routine because the machine you want to use is busy.
  • You can work out any way you like without affecting anyone else. Dead lifts, Power Cleans, grunting, yelling, chalk, shirtless, music playing hard, no people watching, etc.

Unfortunately buying a home gym normally consists of an upfront cost, but considering you will no longer be paying those extortionate membership fees, it is in the long term a big money saver. Also, one of the key points when creating a home gym is to make sure you use it regularly, and all that equipment you get doesn’t just gather dust.

So here are a few tips to help you turn a dedicated space into your private gym:

Avoid mirrors

32wesdrf-copyThis may sound a strange one as your local gym is probably covered in mirrors with lots of pretentious, vain muscle builders admiring their bulging biceps at every possible moment. However, when you start out your home gym, it is best not to have mirrors as they will probably only serve as a distraction and depress you rather than motivate.

Natural lighting

Try and be in a room with natural lighting if you can and face a window if possible particularly your cardio equipment such as a treadmill to give you a pleasant view. If that’s not possible place a TV in front of your exercise bike or treadmill.


Declutter your area as much as possible, so you have lots of space to do lots of exercises such as lunches, press-ups, etc. If possible get an exercise matt.

Color the room

Paint the room in bright colors to keep your mood high and invigorated.

Creature comforts

4rdfgvInclude a small fridge for bottled water and protein shakes, have a stereo for load music, a fan to keep you cool, and of course a TV to prevent boredom on cardio workouts.