Dental implants – How can they improve your life?

Losing your teeth can significantly affect the quality of your life, and can bring about a lot of difficulties in everyday activities, such as speaking or eating. Even though modern dental technology and restorative procedures have come up a long way and now result in a considerably reduced number of extracted teeth on a regular basis, it is still fairly common to find people who are missing a natural tooth or some them. According to some recent surveys, more than 75% of Americans, aged between 35-45 years, have lost one or some their natural teeth, in the past. If you are among these people, and if you are looking to restore your teeth and your smile, you should consider going for a permanent and lifelong replacement option, in the form of dental implants in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

The implants

mnkjhyytewA dental implant is a type of fixture, that is embedded in the jaw bone, to replace a lost, natural tooth and to support a prosthesis, such as a fixed or removable denture, or a crown. After a dental implant is placed within the jaw bone, a bone formation will take place all around the implant, which will result in a stability and strong anchorage for the embedded tooth.

The durability, efficiency, and the overall success of a dental implant, largely depends on its ability to establish and form a strong, direct contact with the jaw bone. This process of establishing a contact is better known as Osseointegration. Its main purpose is to ensure that any prosthesis, placed over the embedded implant, retains its stability and strength. By doing this, it will allow the artificial tooth to serve all the functions of the lost, natural one.

Who are they for?

Any person who has lost a single tooth or more can be a candidate for a dental implant procedure. If you are still uncertain, as to whether you should undertake this procedure, you should consider it in the case of the following:

  • If you want to speak and eat without any pain and discomfort
  • If you want to restore your smile by replacing your missing tooth/teeth
  • If you are looking for a durable, long-term replacement for your natural tooth/teeth
  • If you want to replace any current dental implants, that are uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Major benefits

Dental implants, which you can get at Jonathan Dental Spa, are considered one of the most durable and reliable dental replacement options available. Thanks to their features, and a reasonable price, they have become one of the most popular, too. When compared to some other dental replacement options, like bridges and dentures, dental implants have a number of benefits and advantages.


Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants are designed to last indefinitely. If you properly adhere to the dentist’s instructions and take good care of your oral hygiene, they can last you for a lifetime.

Eat anything you want

33kgleiotuPeople with removable or fixed dentures usually have a hard time eating sticky or hard food, which means avoiding many of their favorite dishes and snacks. With dental implants, you will be able to continue enjoying your favorite foods, without the fear of dislodging or breaking your dentures.

A beautiful smile

Missing teeth can substantially affect one’s confidence and self-esteem, by ruining the facial aesthetics and smile. If you are looking to restore a beautiful smile, you can choose to place an aesthetically pleasing dental prosthesis over your implants.


Dentistry In Clearwater, FL


Our teeth, being one of the most unique parts of our bodies, have a major role to play. Basic of them all is chewing, tearing, and crushing of food, making it easier for our systems to digest. The secondary functions lie in the clarity of our speech. Some syllables and sounds of the alphabet depend on our teeth for them to come out very clearly. Last but not least, our teeth help shape our smiles and facial expressions.

It is unimaginable what our smiles would be like without any teeth in our mouths. What’s more, when properly looked after and tended to, they automatically attract that special, significant other with whom we are set to spend the rest of our lives.

Clearwater Florida is home to the best dentists your teeth could ever ask for. Read on for more valuable information on the same.

Best dentist in Clearwater FL

When we look at billboards and peruse through the glossy pages of fashion magazines, the first thing we subconsciously notice is the smiles. Little do we know how much care and unwavering effort has been put in to make those smiles possible. The point is, on our own, our teeth wouldn’t live to see the light of day. Our dentists always have the solution to every problem our dental health may be facing.


Just to pick up from where we left at the introduction, the dentists at Clearwater Florida are the best in the region and all the credits should be rolled to them. They go above and beyond the call of duty just to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their services. That’s not all; they even work at odd hours in order for them to cater to the clients that can’t make it to the clinic during the official working hours for some reason.

Why Clearwater Florida?

Clearwater Florida is naturally endowed with the most beautiful and breathtaking features that will draw you. From the sandy beaches to the fair weather and the recreational features you wouldn’t want to pass by without trying out. The recreational features include restaurants and hotels, all made to suit your undying love for high-rated comfort.

The government has wisely and heavily invested in the sector of dentistry by equipping all the available clinics with the latest state of the art equipment. This is what has brought the clinics this far in their quest to better the lives of both residents and visitors in terms of their dental health. Once they enter these clinics, they don’t leave the same way they came in. They are even offered some bit of counseling and are thoroughly educated and sensitized on the effective ways to take proper care of their teeth. This is why it is highly recommended that you visit the best dentist.

There is something for everyone

hdhd84The dental clinics in Clearwater Florida willingly offer their services to every member of the family. Whether it is the grandparents, the dentists know how best to fit their dentures. For the mom and dad, services are offered to them depending on what seems to be the problem. Most importantly, there is also something for the kids. There is a wide variety of them including braces, tooth extraction, and cleaning. All these services are performed to perfection leaving the clients satisfied.


Wisdom Teeth-What They Are And Do They Pose Any Problems

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. They are the last to grow as one progresses to adulthood. There are two wisdom teeth on the upper jaw and other two on the lower jaw. They are four in total and located at the back of the jaw bone. Sometimes the space for the wisdom teeth to grow is small as the other first teeth occupy most space.

Therefore, the wisdom teeth may partially emerge from the gum, remain within the jaw bone or do not form at all. At http://cohilfamilydentistry.com – Apopka dentist you can get more information. The wisdom teeth that have not erupted on the surface of the gum are called impacted teeth.

Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth


Infections may develop on the gum due to the stuck wisdom teeth in the jaw bone. It occurs due to the partial gap on the gum underlying the teeth. The gap allows the bacteria and plaque to enter around the soft tissue surrounding the crown causing an infection known as pericoronitis. It is hard to clean and floss back teeth harboring bacteria and plaque.

Cyst Formation

The cyst is a suck filled with fluid forming around the crown of the impacted wisdom teeth. It is a benign growth. This fluid may damage the adjacent teeth, jaw, and nerves.


Due to lack of enough space, the wisdom teeth grow shapeless and uneven. Also, the front teeth may crowd due to pressure from the growing wisdom teeth. Through x-rays, the oral surgeons may recommend for removal of these teeth to avoid crowding.

Other Problems

• Teeth Decay
These teeth are stuck and may be difficult to clean and floss them. The food trapped between them may cause decay due to bacteria.
• Pain
As the wisdom teeth find its way through the gum, some pain may be experienced in the gum.
• Cellulitis
The impacted wisdom teeth may cause a bacterial infection to the cheek, throat or tongue. The trapped food and bacteria facilitate cellulitis.
• Abscess
In rare cases, you find pus on the surrounding tissue of the impacted teeth.

How to Care for the Wisdom Teeth

Caring for the wisdom teeth may involve regular checkups to the dentists. Also, good oral health advised like brushing teeth after meals, mouth rinsing and applying teeth gel to sore gums.

Removal Of Wisdom Teeth And Risks

kkisssjsjdsjdsjdjsjThe dentist may remove the teeth under local or general anesthesia depending on the health of the patient. However, even if the teeth do not pose any problems after thorough examination removal is recommended as they are associated with chronic bacterial diseases. Some risks associated with wisdom teeth removal include; Bleeding, numbness, infection and a dry tooth socket.